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In the same way that organic chemists are confronted with the fact that the limited number of job vacancies in their field are spread out over all media, recruiters are faced with the dilemma of where to post their advertisement to get the highest visibility. There are currently more than 30,000 job boards available on the Internet and often the job is posted in both a mega-site and industry-specific niche site.

Among the niche sites, "Organic Chemistry Jobs Worldwide" can offer the following benefits:

  • Target audience: about 50,000 monthly visitors for
  • Ranks number 1 in Google for query "organic chemistry job" (out of 2.540.000)
  • Straightforward interface: convenient posting or editing/deleting of job openings
  • Competitive rates (free for educational institutions)
  • Multiple payment options: Secure credit card transaction, wire transfer or cheque

Following features are activated on demand with a paid advertisement

  • Browse the (password protected) resumes or contact information of the job seekers
  • No ads in the job description page


This site has repeatedly been selected for inclusion in "WEDDLE's Recruiter's Guide to Employment Web Sites" and "Job Seeker's Guide to Employment Web Sites". More than 6,000 sites are considered for the Guides, and only 350 finalists are selected to be representative of the very best employment-related resources available on-line.
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Resume Databank

Typically, the information is presented in the following way:

Organic Chemist, Ph.D.
Boron chemistry, medicinal, supramolecular chemistry, post-doc for two years

Organic chemist, Ph.D. is hyperlinked to an on-line resume if the applicant submitted the information. Alternatively, the applicant can be contacted by e-mail.

Breakdown of candidates by region:

  • US/Canada: 31%
  • Europe: 16%
  • Rest of the world: 53%

Breakdown of candidates by degree:

  • Ph.D.: 49%
  • M.Sc.: 15%
  • B.Sc.: 3%
  • Title not submitted: 33%


Following conditions apply:

  • Job opening requires organic synthetic background
  • Job ad must describe an unique position (no multiple postings in one ad)

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Your advertisement will be posted as:

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